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Cordlife vs BioCell – Which StemCell Bank to choose

Cordlife vs Biocell, will help you to choose better one in India. As on today there are many key players in Stem Cell Banking in India and when we have so many options, we will get confused with features and pricing. Here we will be comparing two major stem cell banking company in India Biocell vs Cordlife. Biocell are India based company which works at the global level and serves a vast number of patients for stem cell banking in India. Whereas Cordlife is a Singapore based company which works at the global level and serves a vast number of patients for stem cell banking in South East Asia along with India. Biocell is former Babycell company in India, it was operated with name Babycell. You may want to check LifeCell vs Cordlife comparison before proceed further.

cordlife-vs-biocell-which one to choose brings you the genuine comparison between Cordlife and Biocell. Which one is better and what are their offered services is the main concern of new parents in India? We will be comparing based on technology, pricing, certification, abilities to serve customer. Our comparison data is based on discussion with company representative and the official website. You may find some changes or updates in them. If you find feel free to comment below.

Brief Comparison between CordLife and CordLife

Here we are giving brief comparison between Cordlife vs Lifecell. But We recommend you to visit complete detailed comparison after the below table.

CordLife BioCell
Bank Type Private Bank Private Bank
Blood Processing Technique AXP and AXP II
Double Sedimentation Spin (DSS)
Retrieval Limit Limited Limited – twice
Transportation Facility Worldwide Free Wordwide Free
Storage Centre Kolkata Lonavala
Transplant Insurance Coverage 20L till exhausted Upto 20L
Disordered Covered 124+ 90+
Accredited AABB, WHO-GMP, DCGI, CAP and US FDA
Cord Tissue Collection YES NO
Cord Tissue Retrieval YES YES
Placenta Tissue Collection NO NO
Amcho Plast NO NO
CFU – Colony Forming Unit Test YES YES
HLA Matching While Retrieval Free Free
HLA Matching While Storing YES – Paid NO
Pricing 50K for 21 Year 59K for 21 Year
Collection Charges NO NO
Multiple Blood Test While Storing YES YES
Public Bank Support YES YES
Tissue Cell Expansion YES YES
Family Member Covered Child, Siblings, Parents
Child, Siblings, Parents
Mishandling Coverage YES YES
Natural Disaster Coverage YES YES
StemCell Transplant Experience NO YES

Other StemCell Bank Comparison

LifeCell vs Other Stem Cell Bank
Cordlife vs Other Stem Cell Bank

Company Details

You can find CordLife StemCell Company details and BioCell Company details here.

StemCell Bank type of Cordlife vs Biocell

Both CordLife and BioCell Stemcell bank are private stemcell banking. No one can use your baby stemcells except you.

Blood Processing Technique Biocell vs Cordlife

CordLife Supports AXP and AXP II Cord Blood processing Technique where as BioCell supports Double Sedimentation Spin (DSS) technique.

Family Coverage Cordlife vs Biocell

CordLife covers child, siblings, parents for Stemcell and covers Grand Parents also for tissues whereas BioCell covers child, siblings, parents for stemcell and tissues.

Number of retrieval stemcells

Both CordLife and BioCell are supports unlimited time of stemcell retrieval or claims till the time you consumed your baby stemcells.

Stemcells Transportation Facility while retrieval

Both provides free worldwide transportation at the time of retrieval.

StemCell storage centre

CordLife has storage centre in India, located in Kolkata. Where as BioCell has only one Storage Centre located in Lonavala.

Transplant Insurance Coverage Biocell vs Cordlife

CordLife Provides 20L of insurance for transplant for the baby, siblings and Parents. Where as BioCell supports 20L for transplant.

CordLife vs BioCell Disorders Covered

CordLife covers 124 disorder whereas BioCell covers 90+ Disorders. You can find CordLife covered Disorders here and BioCell Covered Disorders.

CordLife vs BioCell Accredited

CordLife accredited by AABB, WHO-GMP, DCGI, CAP and US FDA where as BioCell accredited with Indian FDA – CDSCO, GMP, GLP, GCP, BSI.

CordLife vs BioCell Cord Tissue Collection

Both CordLife collects tissue whereas Biocell does not collect cord tissue but Biocell provides unlimited support in tissue transplant.

Placenta Collection

Both CordLife  and Biocell does not collect placenta tissues.

Amcho plast available

Both CordLife and Biocell does not provide Amcho plast patch.

HLA Matching Testing

Both Biocell and Cordlife does free while retrieval but it is paid service at the time of storing.

CordLife vs BioCell Pricing

With Cordlife you need to pay approx. 50K for 21 years upfront where as BioCell you need to pay approx. 59K for 21 years upfront. Price may vary based on offers going on. Both are having 75 years of plan as well.

CordLife vs BioCell Collection charges

Collection charges are included in package.

Gnome Scope Test While Storing

Both Does not provide Gnome Scope test But Biocell does provide Haemoglobinopathy test facility.

EMI Facilities

Both CordLife and BioCell provides EMI

Public Bank Support

CordLife and Biocell supports public Bank Support to get additional Stemcells.

Tissue Cell Expansion

Both CordLife and BioCell provides Tissue Cell Expansion

Stability in terms of company

Both CordLife and Biocell registered ass Indian company. CordLife Registered with CIN number U85196WB2005PTC106719 and BioCell registered with U24232CH2011PTC033204. You will find complete details based on CIN.

Mishandling Coverage

Both CordLife and BioCell provide Mishandling Coverage, if cord blood damages in transportation.

Natural Disaster Coverage

Both CordLife and BioCell provide Natural Disaster Coverage, if cord blood damages in natural disaster.

StemCell Transplant Experience

CordLife does not have clinical Transplant Experience where as BioCell  do have Transplant Experienced.

We Compile Information of CordLife vs BioCell from officials website and different assets and utilize this data to show it a proficient and accessible way. can’t be considered in charge of any mistake that may happen in the above information, despite the fact that we generally attempt to keep the information right and refreshed however as there are hundred of organizations, keeping up 100% exactness is beyond the realm of imagination so we generally encourage to call respective stemcell bank before visiting with your device. You can generally allude to the official site for most recent changes in the above information.

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