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Which statement is true regarding Conversions in a Google App campaign?

Here are the answers They’re specific events that matter most to a business, of Google Ads Apps Certification question Which statement is true regarding Conversions in a Google App campaign?

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Which statement is true regarding Conversions in a Google App campaign?

They’re any action a user performs when using the app

They’re the total number of users who have installed the app

They describe when a user leaves a review about the app on the app listing

They’re specific events that matter most to a business

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Quale affermazione è vera per quanto riguarda le conversioni in una campagna di Google App?
أي من العبارات غير صحيح بشأن التحويلات في حملة جوجل التطبيق؟
Quel énoncé est vrai en ce qui concerne les conversions dans une campagne Google App?
¿Qué afirmación es verdadera con respecto a las conversiones en una campaña de Google App?
Welche Aussage ist wahr in Bezug auf Conversions in einer Google-App-Kampagne?
Какое утверждение верно в отношении преобразований в кампании Google App?
Qual afirmação é verdadeira sobre conversões em uma campanha Google App?

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