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Which Of The Following Is A Benefit Of Using Spreadsheets?

Here are the answers Vast quantities of data can be stored, sorted and analysed quickly, of Google Digital Garage Certification question Which Of The Following Is A Benefit Of Using Spreadsheets?

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Which Of The Following Is A Benefit Of Using Spreadsheets?

Vast quantities of data can be stored, sorted and analysed quickly

Data can only be accessed when all users are online

Valuable customer and market insights can be delivered quickly

Spreadsheets are the only way to collect data and extrapolate results

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Quale dei seguenti è un vantaggio di utilizzare fogli di calcolo?
أي مما يلي هو مكسب استخدام جداول البيانات؟
Lequel des énoncés suivants est un avantage de l’utilisation Spreadsheets?
¿Cuál de los siguientes es una ventaja de utilizar hojas de cálculo?
Welche der folgenden ist ein Nutzen von Tabellen verwenden?
Что из перечисленного является бенефисом Использование электронных таблиц?
Qual dos seguintes é um benefício do uso de planilhas?

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