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Participate in International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad – IFMO 2021-22 brings you step by step guide to participate in International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad IFMO 2021-22. International Olympiad Foundation will be conducting IFMO main Olympiads ONLINE due to the situation. The Online Olympiads are available for all the students from Class 1 to Class 12 in 14 different subjects for all boards like CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, IGCSE, ISC etc. 

To ensure the examination’s integrity, we have taken several measures this year, like shuffling and rotation of questions and options to ensure that no two students receive identical question papers, Webcam proctoring by auto-image capture, No-Tab switching during the examination on browser to restrict navigation to search engines during examination and Full Screen Mode to restrict focus to examination window.

Participate in International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad - IFMO 2021-22

Brief of International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad – IFMO 2021-22


International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad – IFMO 2021-22
Conducted by International Olympiad Foundation
IFMO Exam Date 18 & 19 December 2021
IFMO Last Date 30.09.2021
IFMO For Students from Class 1 to Class 12


Mock Test will be conducted prior to the exam to enable students to prepare for online olympiads and to ensure that the device being used for the exam is compatible.A Windows Desktop/Windows Laptop/Windows Tablet/Android Tablet/Android Smart Phone with a Camera/Webcam connected with broadband internet is required for the Online Examination.


For Students Studying in India: Rs. 150 for each Olympiad with a discount of 20% on selecting 5 or more Olympiads

For Students Studying Outside India: USD 7 for each Olympiad

How to Participate in International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad IFMO 2021-22

Student can apply in two way as below


ONLINE MODE (Direct registration by students) – School to share the attached circular or below link with the parents via SMS/WhatsApp/E-mail/School Website/School App or by any other means they may deem fit. With the help of this link, the parents will be able to register for Olympiads and make online payments directly. Your school only needs to forward the above link to your students and encourage them to participate in IOF Olympiads. The rest will be taken care of by IOF.

Link for Registration:

Students can also register directly if their schools are not registered with IOF.

TRADITIONAL MODE – The school can compile all the student enrollments and send the information to the IOF through email at [email protected], or they can upload the same after logging in IOF Portal at The registration fee may be transferred into the Foundation’s bank account by the school. Please Call/WhatsApp at +91 9810466668 or email to [email protected] for any queries. Our Coordinator will get in touch with you and register your school/students.


  • Any Student across the globe can register either individually or through school to IOF Online Olympiads 2021-22.
  • After registration on our portal, student can access the portal using Username and Password created by you during registration.
  • Olympiads will be conducted online and the students will have to take the exams from their residence or any other place where they have access to computer with good Internet connectivity.
  • The Online Olympiads are to be taken through Windows Desktop/Windows Laptop/Windows Tablet/Android Tablet/Android Smart Phone connected with broadband internet using Chrome Browser Only.
  • Camera is required for appearing in IOF Olympiads. You will not be able to appear in our Olympiads if you do not have a working camera in your Windows Computer/Tablet or Android Smart Phone.
  • Scheduled Online exam can NOT be changed, postponed or extended except only if decided by IOF. IOF will not be responsible for any losses due to unavailability of time, disconnection of internet, electricity, hacking of email id, unavailability of proper knowledge of computer / internet, misuse of email id, misuse of your login key by someone. No repeat or extra examination attempt is provided.
  • Registration itself will not fetch a participation certificate. Students who will appear for Olympiad and attempt the Olympiad will be eligible for awards as per table given above.
  • Results for Olympiads will be declared by 31 January 2022.Each winner will be entitled to one award for a subject. The winners will be entitled to the higher level award only. For example, a zonal topper can be international topper as well, in that case he/she will be eligible to get only International Topper Award and not Zonal Award.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze refer to colors of the medals and not to actual metals of same names. All Medals are Gold / Silver / Bronze color plated as applicable.
  • Question Paper and Answer Keys of Current Year are made available on our website in July/August of next year.
    There is no level system in IOF Olympiads. IOF evaluation process is totally computer oriented and generated. No request for revaluation will be entertained.
  • Any prizes won by students will be sent to school for distribution to students and not to students directly.
  • Use of any unfair means will result in disqualification. If any person other than student registered for olympiad is visible in the camera during examination, the student will be disqualified. If any means are used to record the Question Paper like video recording, photographs of questions etc. are taken, student will be disqualified. If you try to switch broswer tabs between the olympiad, the test will be auto submitted after three warnings.
  • Decision of International Olympiad Foundation is final in all matters. Please make payment only after reading the above statements. The fees once paid is non-refundable. For any queries, you can write to us at [email protected] or call at + 91 8766267678.


IFMO 2021-22 Syllabus & Format

Visit IFMO official website for Syllabus & Format from Class 1 to Class 12. Then Visit Syllabus & Format section for more details


IFMO 2021-22 Practice Worksheets

Visit IFMO official website for Practise Worksheets from Class 1 to Class 12. Then Visit Practise Worksheets section for more details.


We Compile Information of International Foundation Mathematics Olympiad – IFMO from official IFMO website and different assets and utilize this data to show it a proficient and accessible way. can’t be considered in charge of any mistake that may happen in the above information, despite the fact that we generally attempt to keep the information right and refreshed however as there are hundred of organizations, keeping up 100% exactness is beyond the realm of imagination.


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