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How to Hard Reset Oneplus 9T Mobile Phone?

Here is the guide for How to Hard Reset Oneplus 9T Phone. In this guide you will hard reset your Oneplus 9T phone very easily in 2 minute. Oneplus hard reset is very easy but with hard reset your all data will be erased. So if you are facing issue with your Oneplus 9T phone then you should visit Oneplus service centre first and find out root cause before hard reset Oneplus 9T mobile. You may want to visit Oneplus 9T factory reset.75918

Things to do with Oneplus 9T Phone before Hard Reset

Oneplus 9T Factory Reset
Oneplus 9T  Mobile IMEI Check

How to Hard Reset Oneplus 9T Phone ?

Here are the steps to hard reset Oneplus 9T mobile phone. Follow steps by steps and make your Oneplus 9T phone brand new again.
Oneplus 9T Hard Reset Step 1 :
Switch off the Oneplus 9T phone by pressing the power button.

Oneplus 9T hard reset step 2 :
hold Oneplus 9T volume down button and Oneplus 9T power keys button for a while

Oneplus 9T hard reset step 3 :
release all Oneplus 9T buttons when you see realme logo

Oneplus 9T hard reset step 4 :
select english as language by pressing volume button of Oneplus 9T

Oneplus 9T hard reset step 5 :
Navigate with your volume button and select recovery mode option if available. select wipe cache partition or wipe data and cache by using Oneplus 9T volume buttons and select by Oneplus 9T power button

Oneplus 9T hard reset step 6 :
select yes and confirm with the Oneplus 9T power button.

Oneplus 9T hard reset step 7 :
select reboot and ok by using the Oneplus 9T power button

Please tell us about Oneplus 9T hard reset experience in comment section below. If you are still facing any issue, please drop us a comment, our team will definitely help you to resolve the issue.

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